To Mask or Not To Mask

Core Principle: Individual Freedom and Individual Responsibility

It is simple:

  • If you are sick - stay home

  • If you are afraid - stay home

  • If you want to wear a mask - wear it

  • If you don't want to wear a mask - don't wear it

  • If you have a medical condition preventing you from wearing a mask - don't wear it

Bottom Line: Pastors, clergy, and ministers it is important that we teach our people unity is not uniformity.​

Uniformity says we all must wear a mask. Or, we all must NOT wear a mask.

Unity says I believe you are a responsible individual that should have the freedom to wear a mask or not to wear a mask. I believe that you are responsible enough to stay home if you are sick or if you simply are not comfortable going into public.

Unity does not judge in your heart you are a liberal because you wear a mask or you are a conservative because you do not wear a mask.

Unity says we may have different health needs, different freedom needs, and different relational needs. Therefore, I trust you to make the best decision for you. I regard you as my sister or brother in Christ despite your choice to mask up or not to mask up.

Leadership Advice NOT Legal Advice NOT Medical Advice

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