First and Foremost, The Bible is the Word of God.  Humans are sinners who need a savior. Jesus Christ is the one who died and resurrected for the sinner. By grace through faith in Jesus, the sinner is saved from God's wrath and becomes a follower of Jesus. The follower of Christ is empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve his/her family, church, and community. To call them to freedom through Jesus including but not limited to the political arena. 

Second, Pastors, clergy, and ministers are to be leaders in all areas that the bible mentions.  Their primary responsibility is to equip the follower of Christ for service unto God. This includes calling a nation to repentance and fighting for religious freedom. 

Third, Pastors, clergy, and ministers are to boldly call their politicians, churches, and communities to allow the free exercise of religious expression.



We are on a mission to equip pastors, clergy, ministers, and their congregations to ensure religious freedoms for their church and communities.